Map updates

Site updates

  1. 3 November 2012
    Moved the website to a new address.
    Changed the map a bit and finally fixed the wrong links on some location details.
    Minor layout updates.
  2. 30 August 2011
    Layout updated.
  3. 29 October 2009
    Map updates on this page are now clickable.
  4. 24 October 2009
    You can now see all places in Google Earth! This is still in beta stage, but can be tried out here: Right-click, Save file, then open in Google Earth.
  5. 17 October 2009
    The news page (this page) now includes a list of the most recent additions to the map.
  6. 20 September 2009
    Some more new places.
    Replaced map markers with a smaller, blue marker.
    Zooming (using your mouse scroll wheel) is now possible.
  7. 19 September 2009
    Added some new places to the map the past week.
    Replaced the map controls.
  8. 30 May 2009
    Yay, the map is fixed!
    Added some English words.
  9. 16 May 2009
    Wow... I didn't realise it's been this long... DW was offline for a while, and the map wasn't working anymore since then. The map now works again, but clicking a marker for some reason doesn't. I will look into this and add some more new words soon, I promise!
    In the meantime, I fixed a bunch of HTML errors.
  10. 10 May 2008
    Added some words to the English and Other lists.
  11. 23 April 2008
    Added some new words to all the lists.
  12. 21 March 2008
    Again some new words for the lists.
  13. 13 February 2008
    It's been a while! I've added some new words to the lists.
  14. 2 December 2007
    Updated Afrikaans and English lists.
  15. 31 October 2007
    Updated all three words lists.
  16. 27 October 2007
    I made a seperate page for Afrikaans words in the English language, and words only spoken in South Africa.
  17. 23 October 2007
    Updated both loanwords list with several new words.
  18. 21 October 2007
    For the first time since 30 May 2005, I added several new words to the loanwords lists!
  19. 20 October 2007
    Loanwords list is now in English, English words on "Other languages" moved to English page.
  20. 17 October 2007
    Started a basic design for the website.
    Added the prelimenary loanwords list - will be updated soon.
  21. 15 October 2007
    Converted my loanwords list from Word to HTML, started cleaning it up.
  22. 12 October 2007
    Started working on a Google Maps application showing Dutch place names all over the world.